Alan Stewart Wilcox was born in the U.S.A. in 1937. He graduated in painting (M.F.A.) in 1963 at the University of Iowa. He made his first guitar in New York in 1966.

Selftaught, he has made 390 guitars in his carreer, one at the time, in order to continue his creative research for a better sound.

He considers the sound of each instrument to be an extremely personal achievement.

Every guitar is handmade to order according to the requirments of the customer.


Venice 1982: Most ideal guitar in the world for concerts, he has promised to make me one.

Madrid 1986: "Alan Wilcox, excellent luthier who will add in the near future one more quality to the guitar".


For many years I played and recorded with Alan Wilcox's guitar troughout the world.

It's brightness of sound, it's expansive qualities and it's power were thouroughly fulfilling and inspiring.


The peculiarity of the guitars of Alan Wilcox is that of having a sound that, to great volume and reasonance are united sweetness, clarity and quality of tone.

Built with seasoned woods of great value, even his oldest instuments not only have not suffered the years, but instead have gained  an even better quality of sound.


I have spent some very beautiful hours  playing the guitars of Alan Wilcox.

His instruments have "soul" and he is always looking to improve them still further.

I wish this talented and serious artist much further succes and congratulate his customerson their good taste.

"How come your guitars have perfect intonation, almost impossible to find?"


What exceptional reasonance! It is a more pure sound.

The solidity of the notes speak more clearly.


August 2010 Seoul, Korea: Your guitar in contact with the concert-hall (and with me) was incredible, infinite projection, clearness, the poetry of this instrument, I'll thank you always.